Learn About The Process.


Learn About The Process.

  • positive review  Wonderful experience, .. you don’t know till you try! 😊

    Chloé V. 3/23/2021
  • positive review  Very family oriented and kid friendly

    Mariah R. 2/18/2021
  • positive review  Awesome friendly environment!!! Staff was amazing! It was our first time! Wish they were in New York!

    Gregory V. 2/18/2021
  • positive review  Great customer service a wonderful and new experience looking forward to becoming a spa member

    Mina T. 1/02/2021
  • positive review  A wonderful experience. I encourage others to try!!

    Sherrice T. 9/18/2020
  • positive review  fish vibrate along your skin, providing a gentle for care experience with surprising, pleasurable and effective results. can not wait to do it again!

    Lynn C. 8/29/2020
  • positive review  I had a break out about 6 months ago and I was having a hard time finding a soap that wasn’t irritating to my skin, well as you can see in the pictures I was going through! I walked into... read more

    Ty K. 8/25/2020
  • positive review  I received my Garra Fish Soaps today. I’m so excited. I ordered Beach Party & Mermaid Charms. They are beautiful and the fragrance is divine. I highly recommend this product.

    Ruth W. 7/14/2020
  • positive review  Not only are the fish spa and detox great, I also love the bars of soap for sale at Garra Fish Spas. They are truly amazing. I've tried the Sea Salt & Orchid and I'm currently using the Atlas soap... read more

    Chad D. 7/13/2020
  • positive review  I love love this place. They fish spa was amazing and the detoxic helped my back and hip so much. DJ was amazing with his knowledge and presence. I will be going back.

    Joz C. 6/22/2020
  • positive review  As a first time customer I didn't know what to expect. The young men DJ & CJ were amazing! After speaking with them my entire family decided to do a spa session. We'll definitely be back. I can't wait to... read more

    Kristie L. 3/02/2020
  • positive review  Our pastors Richard and Janice Peoples treated my husband and me to a 20 minute fish spa while we were visiting Augusta. WE LOVED IT!!! The owners are very knowledgeable, wonderful godly people. I highly recommend it! I will be... read more

    Dori G. 2/28/2020
  • positive review  Very relaxing. Knowledgeable and friendly owners! Went in thinking I was feeling ok and left felling so much better. 😍

    Heather M. 2/01/2020
  • positive review  This relaxing atmosphere, soft tunes, friendly staff is a winning combination. This is not only fun it is beneficial to your health. Welcoming and clean facility. Great for groups.

    Tracie J. 1/22/2020
  • positive review  As a stay home mother this experience was very relaxing and I look forward to my next visit

    Jessica S. 1/05/2020
  • positive review  Awesome feeling on the feet

    Keith H. 12/27/2019
  • positive review  Great experience... love it... come and try it

    Sherrie S. 11/23/2019
  • positive review  Fun, new spa experience at Augusta mall. Staff super friendly and professional. $30 for 20 minutes, so not something i would do all the time. But I will be back 🙂

    Steve T. 11/05/2019
  • positive review  I Am at this location right now and its amazing the fish spa I was nervous about but turned out to be good the detox is a must very highly suggested

    Enrico P. 10/19/2019
  • positive review  This was a different experience for me and my daughter. It felt a little weird at first but we enjoyed it. My feet feel renewed.

    Janice D. 10/18/2019
  • positive review  a great feeling and amazing experience

    Eddie B. 10/11/2019
  • positive review  What an enjoyable experience. I'll definitely be back very soon. Those little fish feel so good on your feet and it's not ticklish.

    Sharon K. 9/25/2019
  • positive review  Husband and daughter loved it... I wasn’t quite daring to try.

    Patricia H. 9/01/2019
  • positive review  I highly recommend this company it was such a relaxing experience I give props to Marcus

    Atl L. 8/29/2019
  • positive review  It’s an interesting experience.

    Jason A. 8/22/2019
  • positive review  Great location and people. Owners were very knowledgeable about the process and welcoming to everyone. My family and I really enjoyed the experience. We definitely will go back again.

    Timika C. 8/15/2019
  • positive review  The employees were very nice, able to answer all questions! I had a great experience and will definitely be going back again soon!!!

    Taylor L. 8/09/2019
  • positive review  Great experience at the Fish Spa!! Come to Columbia please 😊

    Jenny V. 7/27/2019
  • positive review  I highly recommend trying this experience. After my first detox my body is already starting to feel better. The customer service and the education was beyond amazing!

    Sabrina B. 7/26/2019
  • positive review  Awesome experience and the manager is patient and friendly!! Love it

    Shelia P. 7/16/2019

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  • Shawna Christian Works Avatar

    positive review  So relaxing. 10/10 recommend

    Shawna Christian Works 8/26/2021
    Susan Lunja Avatar

    positive review  my first time doing this it was a great experience! Will definitely do it again

    Susan Lunja 8/26/2021
    Val OnlyoneMe Blizz Avatar

    positive review  First time seeing this so I was amazed

    Val OnlyoneMe Blizz 8/07/2021
  • Zaida Gomez Avatar

    positive review  My First experience, and I already told the General Manager Kaivi to wait for me next week. This treatment really work for real! Amazing 👏 Customer Service! Thanks!

    Zaida Gomez 8/05/2021
    Diamond Redd Avatar

    positive review  It was an AWESOME experience!!! I’ve always wanted to do this and I’m so glad I did!!! Strongly recommend.🥰

    Diamond Redd 7/19/2021
    Chris Lowry Avatar

    positive review  Such a great experience.!

    Chris Lowry 7/15/2021
  • Princess Nanaa Avatar

    positive review  Such nice people , very convincing! But they got me in and it was nice 🥰

    Princess Nanaa 7/06/2021
    Christina Classified Avatar

    positive review  Such a fun time! Incredibly clean and very kind and thoughtful attendant. Cannot recommend enough as a fun outing!

    Christina Classified 7/05/2021
    Allen Brown Avatar

    positive review  Came in today and the family loved it the staff was very friendly and very engaged in the Garra experience. Janay was great along with Ms Jana and DJ did their thing also. I recommend everyone to come

    Allen Brown 7/03/2021
  • Tammy Durkee Avatar

    positive review  Wow!!! Started out ticklish but finished with a wow!

    Tammy Durkee 6/22/2021
    Ginny Birm Avatar

    positive review  it was really different but relaxing is def do it again

    Ginny Birm 6/12/2021
    Angelina Vazquez Avatar

    positive review  it was really a great experience, l will be back for sure. loved it.😄😄

    Angelina Vazquez 6/10/2021
  • Semeiko Posley Avatar

    positive review  Very courteous and great service. I loved my first experience... will definitely be back!!!

    Semeiko Posley 6/03/2021
    Aaron Mccants Avatar

    positive review  Our fish pedicure was great.

    Aaron Mccants 5/31/2021
    Leigh Smith Avatar

    positive review  Nice time with my granddaughter from Detroit.

    Leigh Smith 5/23/2021